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Little Constructions is the preferred builder of acreage homes in the Geelong region.

Our Acreage Home Service

No better team to look after your acreage project

There is no better team to look after your acreage project – over our 17 years of operation, we’ve developed extensive expertise in this type of building and understand exactly what is required to not only get the job done but to do it to the highest standard.

What Is An Acreage Home?

Simply put, an acreage home is one built on a large plot of land that is commonly used for agricultural purposes. These homes can be found in the suburban sprawl of cities but are more common in regional areas on working land, which serves multiple functions.


Our team have had the privilege to work on blocks that range from one acre all the way up to 200+ acres, though most often our acreage home projects sit within the 1-5 acre bracket.

While building on such vast plains may seem limitless and without constraint, there are plenty of considerations to make before you take that big leap and begin to design your dream acreage home. For one, because of the size and agricultural needs of the land, the way you will approach your design differs greatly from a typical city home.

9 Ways to Maximise
Your Acreage Block

Find out more about building on an acreage block in our free guide ‘9 Ways to Maximise Your Acreage Block’. Some of our top tips to consider when building an acreage home include:


Work With An Existing Plan

We take pride in creating country homes for country people, with ready-made floor plans that suit larger blocks of land. These plans can form the foundation of your forever home, or simply provide inspiration, with the chance to customise and optimise to make sure your investment matches your vision. From the contemporary to the classic, our extensive collection will leave you feeling confident that you can take the first steps towards your brand-new acreage home.

As with all our projects, any acreage build will feature outstanding communication throughout, exceptional attention to detail and quality workmanship.

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9 Ways to Maximise Your Acreage Block

With years of experience in constructing quality acreage homes, we know exactly how you can maximise your acreage block. Download our guide to discover our top tips and tricks below.