Custom Homes

With Little Constructions we take pride in providing a professional, friendly and reliable service to our customers. While providing superior workmanship and excellent value for money.

Little Constructions can build homes to any specification. Bring in your plans, or if you don’t have any plans we can help you design your dream home.

Our new homes are built to the highest standards and you can be ensured that you will be happy with your new home. We build what you want not what is cheapest for us and with access to the latest trends in the industry we are there to advise and help you with your decisions.

We have been providing professional building services in Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula, Golden Plains Shire and the Surfcoast for over 14 years.


Our building process…

Plans / Design

If you have plans already drawn up, simple bring them to us and we will discuss your needs based on these plans. If you don’t have plans we can help you achieve your custom home vision by putting you in contact with one of our drafts-people or architects. Whether you use a drafts-person or an architect will depend entirely on what your project is what your expectations are.


Based on your plans and our discussions Little Constructions will put together a detailed quote so you know exactly what you project will cost you. Little Constructions will use our many years of experience of knowledge to provide the best fit to your budget and needs. We will not provide you a solution if we believe it will not meet your needs, we will always provide what is best for you.


Once you have accepted the quote you will be required to pay a deposit so we can start the project. We will put together a schedule so we can provide certainty around our build times – so you can plan your life with confidence.  Building a successful relationship with your builder is about working as a team. Together we use the same path to head in the same direction to reach the same goal.

Build Time

During the build time you will be kept up-to-date with exactly how everything is going. You will be asked to meet us on site at least six different stages of the project for our checking and approval process. In the event that we have any hiccups because of bad weather or product availability we will let know ASAP. We believe communication is the key to building a trusting and wonderful relationship with your builder.

Our custom home projects are a team effort…

An average new home project will require a minimum of six on-site meetings between Little Constructions and our client. The reason for this is extremely important, we like our work process to be as transparent as possible.

Site meetings usually include:

  1. Wall frame and truss inspection (at this stage it is much easier for our clients to see the size of their house, and it is much cheaper for them to make changes at this point than when the wiring and plumbing are plastered over).
  2. Inspection of plaster and joinery fit out
  3. Inspection prior to hand over.

It is extremely important to Little Constructions that we work as a team move along the same path, in the same direction to achieve the same result.